Finding your Niche as a Wedding Planner

Finding Your Wedding Planning Niche

When you’re in those early stages of starting a business there are so many things to think about. You know you need a business name, a logo, business cards, website and email addresses, to name but a few. You’ve heard people talk about defining your brand and having a strong brand message, and all these […]

Natalie Beckman
Carte Blanche Wedding Design

AAWEP Success Story – Wedding Planner & Designer Natalie Beckman

One of the most rewarding things for us to be able to do here on the Australian Academy blog is share the success stories of our students and graduates.  But it is even better when we have the chance to revisit a ‘not-so-recent’ Graduate and catch up on what they are doing now and that […]

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Wedding Planning & Pricing Your Services Part 3

Have you enjoyed our presentation of our pricing videos;  Wedding Planning & Pricing Your Services Part 1 and Wedding Planning & Pricing Your Services Part 2, over the last month?  We are continuing this series today, as we know so many of you are eager to get this area of your business right.  Today we […]

Professional Wedding Planner Kathy Apostolidis talks Pricing for Wedding Planners

I can’t tell you how often I am asked about pricing, by people who are considering launching a Wedding Planning business and I understand that.  Pricing a service is harder than pricing a product and especially when the service is something like Wedding Planning, which is made up of a host of ‘small, medium and […]


Other Wedding Planners aren’t Competition

There is a big misconception in the wedding industry here in Australia that wedding planners can’t work together. If there is another wedding planner in your area they are automatically popped into the box marked Competitors never to see the light of day again. This is such a shame as this is one of the […]